From 08 to 10/06/2012

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A small city-trip with some of my colleagues, in a secret destination... Well, actually, after some deep investigations and visits on the Charleroi airport website, we had found a few days before that the mysterious city was ... Sevilla !! It would have been a shame if we had not discovered the destination before leaving !

Some night shots of the streets. It seems that everybody is sleeping... normal, it's already 4h30 AM, and we were a bit lost, while going back to our hotel...

Our nice 4-starts hotel, near the center of the city. Too pity that there was no jacuzzi in the bedrooms ! Not very far from the hotel, One of the big park, where we were the evening before (but we didn't know it). A lot of trees, and trees = shadow, and shadow = temperature lower than under the sun, so I love it !

The "Plaza de Espaņa", one of the most beautiful sightseeing of the city. It was really a shame to put a basketball animation in such a place !!

As said in a famous song of Gun's & Roses : Welcome to the jungle !!

Damned !!!! Here's finally something interesting in this city :-)
But finally, we didn't even compare the spanish Whooper with the Dutch one... It will be for next time !

A strange big modern sculpture, but I like it !

Once again, we are lost, when trying to go back at the hotel. And we were not even drunk ! But when you don't know the city very well, it's quite easy to get lost in all those very narrow streets.

Last rays of sunlight on the clouds, a little bit before to land in Charleroi and enjoy the Belgian rain (it's always like that when coming back from holidays...)

> Pictures "people"
> Pictures of the city